1) What Is A Wall Sticker?

A Wall Sticker is sometimes also referred to as Wall Decals or Wall Vinyl’s were originally used for promotions and sign making in shops and commercial premises until someone stumbled upon the idea that changing the design they can also be used for home decoration to liven up plain and tired looking homes. For a small initial outlay it can completely transform the look of a plain looking room, workspace or play area we have had many customers tell us so in fact some can also be useful such as Children’s height chart Wall Stickers, Children’s Numbers and Alphabet Wall Stickers for learning.

2) How To Apply A Wall Sticker?

Most of our designs are peel and stick and some are vinyl’s which have transfer films which are enclosed with instruction stickers on them and there are numerous clips online on how to apply them.  Before sticking any Wall Sticker we would always advise make sure the surface is clean and plan out the design and position.  If you decide you want to change the design for a newer design you can easily remove it and apply another one.

3)  Where To Apply?

They are best stuck to any smooth flat surfaces such as painted plaster walls, glass windows, metal, wood, mirrors, wardrobes, tiles. If walls are too rough, such as textured walls, then the sticker may not stay applied.

4)  Where Not to apply Wall Stickers?

Wall Stickers are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric, textured wallpaper.

5) Help! My Glow in Dark Stickers are not glowing.

Initially you may find Glow in the Dark Stickers not glowing not to worry they just need exposure to light for about 30 minutes to regain the “glow charge”.  So just switch the light on or make sure they is plenty of light and then close the light or make the room dark and you should see it regain its glow.

6)  Where Do You ship To?

We dispatch to anywhere in the United Kingdom this includes England, Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland.

7)  What If After I Receive The Order And Then Change My Mind?

Although we endeavour to only send the best quality products once receiving it you may just decide to change your mind or on inspection of the sticker think it will not go with your intended room, no problems as long as the item is unused and in its original packaging we are more than happy to take it back within 30 days of the order date and offer a full refund on satisfactory inspection of the product the only thing we would ask if that you are responsible for return postage and packaging.

Just contact us to arrange for a return and full refund.

8)  Can I Apply The Wall Sticker To A Newly Painted Wall?

You should wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before you apply your sticker to a newly painted wall, however this is only a guide.

9)  Can I Use Wall Stickers In My Bathroom/Toilet?

Yes we have a range of stickers especially for bathroom/toilet areas as well as normal range as just ensure the surface is smooth, dry and clean and apply at least 3 hours after you have bathed or showered.

10)  Can Wall Stickers be Removed Easily?

As long as you remove your sticker very slowly and gently then there should be no damage in the rare instance of a paint touch up required we cannot we held responsible for this.  To make the process of removing easier a hairdryer on a low setting can help soften the adhesive before peeling and if needed use a cleaning fluid to remove any residue.

11)  Are Wall Stickers Repositionable 

Unless stated the stickers tend not to be repositionable although if just applied it tends to be easier to remove and reapply than after the glue has had time to set however would be at your own risk.

12)  What is Postal Tube Upgrade

To help ensure cheapest prices of wall stickers to our customers some of our smaller stickers are folded into hardbacked envelopes, this does not damage the stickers they just have a small bend which comes out once applied to the wall.  However sometimes people may prefer not to have them sent this way so they can use the Postal Tube Upgrade option at a small extra charge so its dispatched in a postal tube.  It will be written in the stickers description if it is folded and the option to upgrade can be chosen at the shopping cart.

11)  How long do the Wall Stickers last? 

Our stickers are manufactured to a very high quality and should last five years depending on environmental conditions usually they last much longer in an internal environment.